Pilot Scheme - Phase 2

Thank you LTA Tennis Foundation!

Thank you Sport England

We believe consistent play of tennis by children gives the best chance of embedding tennis and physical activity for a lifetime, therefore we are pleased that the LTA Tennis Foundation has decided to part fund our project ensuring that part of our cohort is guaranteed to play consistently all year round in 2024.

This is a great result for children from our community that have started their tennis journey. We are still looking for ways to ensure all of our Phase 1 cohort and those on the waiting list can continue or start playing in 2024. If you would like to help make this happen then please get in touch.

We are also pleased that Sport England has also funded a cohort of children to take part is phase 2 of the scheme.

This has allowed us to provide opportunities to up to 90 children to continuously play tennis and have an experience of the sport as close to children from traditional tennis backgrounds.